Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11, 12 & 13

Ugh this blog is BORING!  I promise next week to have more then just photo a day stuff.  

This upcoming week I plan on posting...
update about my diet
a yummy healthy breakfast recipe
tasty healthy dinner recipe
and a craft project

If you have any ideas what I could add to the blog let me know!  I would love to hear any input....any input from my 5 followers!  LOL  

Day 11 Where you sleep
Yes i still use my Boppy pregnancy pillow even though I'm not pregnant.  Don't judge me... its comfortable!
& no my daughter does not sleep with us.... she just likes hanging out there once in a while.

Day 12 - Close-Up
This is my son's sneaker.  He loves to take out all his sneakers out the closet and look at them.  Weird I know, but whatever makes him happy!  :)  These are his favorite ones, they light up to reveal a puma skeleton.  I had my camera out and he actually gave me his sneaker..... sooooo sneaker pic it is!  LOL

Day 13- In your bag
The question is what's NOT in my bag?!?!?  So I don't have a "bag" anymore.  I have a diaper bag.  Although I would like to go handbag shopping, I realize I probably won't have a handbag for about 3 years.  I am content with a diaper bag because a diaper represents being a mom.  I love being a "mama"!  :)


  1. i must say that is an impressive bag list! if i'm ever stranded anywhere with children my one wish would be to bring you and ur mary poppins bag! off to inventory my very very lacking mommy bag! :-D

  2. So that's what a bag of a Mom of two looks like. Yikes- I think I need to get a bigger bag.