Monday, January 9, 2012

Music Monday

I am kinda a big country music fan.  I love Lady Antebellum!  :)  9 years ago when I first met my husband I remember him listening to some country music. I also remember constantly changing the radio station to listen to more pop music.  As the years past it grew on me.  I also believe the music has changed and isn't so honky tonk anymore. Now that's kinda all I listen too.  I know I should change my Sirius radio station every once in a while, but I am too comfortable listening to country.   And to think I use to live about 30 minutes from the country music capital of the world.  Back then I couldn't have cared less about Nashville.  Now I love the south, would love to move to either of the Carolinas, Georgia, or Tennessee.  I think deep down I want to be a southern women with a pitcher of lemonade  in my hand and an apron on.  I know I'm weird!  lol

The reason I choose Lady Antebellum today was because Hillary Scott, the female of the group got married this Saturday!

Photo of the day will have to wait til tomorrow.  I had a delay in my plans this weekend, my husband got food poisoning... and I know what your thinking.... NO!  I did not get him sick.  lol

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