Wednesday, January 4, 2012

lack of sleep...

So last night / this morning was a mess.  Logan my 19 month old did not want to sleep for some reason.  He isn't sick he just did not was to sleep in his crib.  My husband and I put him down to sleep at his normal bedtime a few minutes later I heard over the baby monitor his leapfrog my pal scout was going off, over and over, and over and over.  I just thought Logan must have been laying on him.  I went in his room.  BIG MISTAKE!  My intentions were to go in his room and pull scout out from under Logan.  This was not the case, Logan was half asleep pushing on Scouts paw.  Once Logan saw me he immediately wanted to get out of his crib.  Crying, screaming, the works.  I am not a cry it out parent.  I just can't do it.  It breaks my heart.  I scooped him up in my arms tried to hush him down, rocked him in my arms... even though he is getting huge! ( i still love it!) Tried to put him back down and he wasn't having any part in that.  My husband put him down an hour later after watching a little of the Despicable Me movie.  I actually went to bed at 11ish!  That's early for me.  I had an early start time the next morning.  Getting a 19 month old and a 2 month old ready and out the door by 8:00 am for a doctors appointment by myself is a project. Also not very easy considering my children usually LOVE to sleep.

I was awaken by my sons cries over the monitor.  At the 1am hour.  He was wide awake for some reason, he was not acting sick, nor tired.  He just wanted to get up and play.  After a few attempts to get him calmed down and relaxed enough to go to sleep, my husband was able to put him down around 5am- Only to wake up a short  hour and a half  later.  I am not a coffee drinker, never have, I am sure I never will so to get up at 6:30 and start the day is rough for me.  Usually my children sleep til 8:30 am at least.

Got McKenna my 2 month old daughter ready, and then had to wake up my son out of his sleep and to get him ready... after he only had a few hours of sleep.  Got him ready, kids in car-check, diaper bag full and in car-check, double stroller in car-thanks to my husband check.  In the car ride my son looked like a zombie half awake starring at me while we drove to the doctors.

Checked in at the doctors and what do you know my appointment is for the 11th not the 4th!  You gotta be kidding me!  My appointment card looks like it says "4" apparently not.  im sorry but the number 11is  two parallel lines and they should not touch like a 4 does!  LOL  Luckily the office was able to squeeze me in and in a very timely manner.  I do love my children's pediatrician.

McKenna's check up went very well.  She is a healthy happy chubby, long baby!  :)  Logan was hysterically crying in between the check up and the shots.  Crying so bad he became blotchy.  He is very rarely cranky, I tried a snack, and some milk, and a binky... it all landed on the floor.  AH HA!  I spotted a children's book under the patient table!  My sanity saver! 

After we got out of the office he was an angel... He just needed sleep.  Mommy will take full blame for interrupting his half way to falling asleep state the night before as well as waking him up earlier then he normally does.

the culprit - scout
the battle wound

the happy boy is back!

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